Easy Illustrated Ebooks 2.0

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Using The Simple System We Use To Expand Our Illustrated Ebooks Into Other Markets

Take your illustrated books to a new level! Producing a new level of illustrated books by following the easy to follow methods taught in this course. I will show you how you can easily produce stunning high demand illustrated books even if you can’t tell one end of a pencil from another!

How to easily reposition your existing content to sell into other markets, just ripe for the plunder.

Welcome To Our Ebook Domination Course

By Using Our Ebook Domination Strategy To Expand Illustrated Your Ebook Business Into Other Markets AND How More Complex Books Are Not Any More Difficult To Produce

Sell Into Markets Just Like These!

How to EASILY produce your content in different formats using only FREE tools. 

The EXACT programs I use to easily produce more sophisticated books for Kindle and other eBook formats such as ePub and PDF. 

(Word and other similar programs will just not cut it here). I show you both FREE and paid alternatives.

How to use Public Domain (PD) content to produce unique high quality in demand books, you may never have seen this done before!

All Produced With Public Domain Images And A Simple To Use Comic Program

How to promote your books with simple but effective Video Trailers.
This is so simple to do that I am amazed that less than one in a hundred eBook authors do it. If you can click a mouse you can do this. Watch over my shoulder as I do it live on video!

The market for eBooks is really enormous and getting bigger each day. 

In the “eBook Domination Video Course” I want to show you how you can build a complete eBook publishing business.

Publishing high demand content across multiple eBook platforms and multiple niches.

Leverage The Power Of YouTube To Promote Your Books!

Amazon Kindle is HOT but it is LESS THAN 50% of the eBook market. 

If you don’t sell your content into other markets you are literally leaving money on the table. Use The power of YouTube to drive sales of your books

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